The “CCE“ project realizes the ideas of ambient assisted living (AAL) through an integrated, multilayered approach. On the one hand, a common standardized technical platform (software and hardware) is being created to enable ICT solutions for assistive applications in the health sphere. On the other, this is being undertaken with the involvement of relevant user groups and experts. The guiding theme in this effort is the development of viable solutions to provide domestic help to seniors with dementia. The participation of experts and a thorough examination of the symptoms of dementia in the framework of the project are giving rise to solutions which are being realized as prototypes in pilot locations.

“CCE“ has outstanding prospects for implementing ICT-AAL solutions across Europe that are acceptable (due to the involvement of relevant user groups) and financially feasible (due to the involvement of experts from the respective health insurance systems). “CCE“ thus balances technical possibilities against realistic business models and user needs.