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Sport, wellness, and wellbeing

... have a positive impact, promote mental health in everyday life, and form part of an holistic, biopsychosocial health model.


Smart Home and home care

Smart home and home care technologies tackle the increasing challenges of our ageing society.
These include comfort, wellbeing, health, care in the home, the need to make professional functions available for use in the home, and networking various aspects of life.


Inpatient and outpatient care

New technologies and services are required to reduce the burden on care staff and caregiving relatives, and to improve the quality of care in the face of rising cost pressures. Automated support has great potential for improvements and savings, both in terms of time and administrative outlay.


Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation

After an injury or operation, patients often have to complete lengthy and complex rehabilitation and aftercare programs.
After a patient leaves hospital, technologies can be used to provide rehabilitation across multiple areas of life and with telemedical assistance to ensure that their treatment is successful in the long term.


Inpatient and outpatient treatment

A range of treatments are available that have a positive impact on disabilities, medical conditions, and injuries. They cover the entire spectrum of surgical procedures and radiotherapies in hospitals as well as suitable therapeutic measures that can be carried out in the home, such as physiological treatments, psychological support, and virtual rehabilitation with telemedical support.  

Image- and device-based diagnostics

Relevant sensor data, modern devices, and computer-assisted evaluation procedures can be used for rapid and objectified diagnosis and to detect, compare, and classify medical conditions. These approaches and systems provide physicians and clinical specialists with the best possible support throughout the treatment chain for the benefit of the patient.