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The “universAAL“ project attempts to break down existing barriers to the development and implementation of AAL solutions and support innovative ideas and products in this area, so as to promote a broader acceptance and use of AAL. On the one hand, this helps the users of such solutions – older persons and those who require assistance, as well as caregivers – by making new solutions affordable and more easily usable. On the other hand, service providers profit from simpler and less expensive development, as well as from the uncomplicated adaptation of existing components, services, and systems.

The vision is to enable users to understand and set up services as easily as they are accustomed to from modern operating systems. For this purpose, universAAL will make available an online shop for plug-and-play applications and services that can be easily adapted to the respective devices and users.

The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft is represented in the project by the Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD (Darmstadt). The project draws on experience from preceding projects such as “PERSONA“ and “Genesys“ in order to create a consolidated platform that can serve as a basis for future projects.