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The objective of “OASIS“ is to develop an ontology-based, open reference architecture that supports the collaboration and cross-linking of new and existing services from all areas of life of older persons. Along with the necessary software tools, it will be available on an open-source basis.

The reference architecture consists of an open ontology framework (hyperontology), which allows the collaboration and joint utilization of content not only between services, but also between ontologies. The corresponding support tools will be made available in the framework of the project.

“OASIS“ seeks to create an innovative system for the seamless interconnection and interoperable use of content from different services and ontologies. To this end, it links numerous services that are relevant for older persons.

These take into account needs and wishes from the application range for:

  • Independent living (dietary advice, activity training, brain and skills training, platform for social networks, health monitoring, and environment monitoring),
  • Autonomous mobility (senior-friendly transport information services, navigation systems, personal mobility services),
  • Intelligent office applications (mobile communication devices, biometric authentication interfaces, and multimodal dialogs, along with additional smart workplace applications).

The development of these applications, which are evaluated in four pilot sites, places emphasis on ease of use and acceptance and integrates all of the involved groups.