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Innovative Service Concepts and Technological Developments

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The joint research project “Pflege 2020“ of the Fraunhofer Institute IAO has been working in the area of the future assistance for the elderly since July 2006. Among the project’s guiding questions: What innovative service concepts and technological developments can ensure that individuals’ needs are adequately provided for? Scientific studies in the form of, e. g., user surveys and scenario development serve as the basis for this research.

Through joint financing of the research work and an interdisciplinary partner approach, the model of collaborative research with manufacturers, service providers, and providers of assistance to the elderly allows questions to be pursued holistically and in great depth.

Joint Research Project: Pflege 2020

Research phase IV of the joint project began in March 2011. Entry into the project is possible at any time. The following research work is being conducted in this phase:

Customer-type Configurator

To be able to address future challenges early and offer a tailor-made portfolio of services, a “customer-profile configurator” is being developed in the framework of “Pflege 2020“. This is a tool for analyzing customer profiles as well as precisely suited customer-profile-oriented services and products. It assists the project partners in determining the customer profiles and offerings in the region, in the facility, or in outpatient service. The objective is a modular tool that can be used both as an instrument for market analysis and, in a further stage of development, as an assessment instrument for case-by-case analysis and consulting.

Demand and Competence Profiles

To help gain a clear view of future tasks, activities, and corresponding competencies, the project’s research phase IV includes the creation of a tool to support the partner companies in their human resources development. The tool serves the review of the correspondence between employee competencies and deployment planning, taking into account changing requirements.

The Care Environment of Pflege 2020

On the basis of the models developed in the previous research phases, an implementation project (or partial scenarios) is being selected jointly with the partners and tested for its feasibility and adapted. The objective is to design an implementation project that takes up the research results from “Pflege 2020“, and thus addresses the current and future demands of a customer-profile-oriented supply setting. The implementation project serves the “Pflege 2020“ research collaboration as a lighthouse and reference project.

The research is complemented by project meetings and public relations work.