Make it “ReAAL“

Rollout with 7,000 real-life users: applications for active and independent living, on the basis of the “universAAL“ open service platform

Logo make it ReAAL
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Logo make it ReAAL

Whether for the promotion of health, safety, comfort, social integration, or mobility – assistive systems will soon be applicable in all kinds of situations of daily life.

“ReAAL“ is designed to promote unified standards, guidelines, and open platforms for the creation of interoperable solutions that encourage activity and independence in old age. Open platforms are conceived to promote exactly this type of cost-effective development of beneficial products, and to make them sustainable, adaptable, and accessible.

“ReAAL“ evaluates these new developments by means of pilot studies, each with its own focus. If a platform proves useful and the respective technical know-how is then transferred to the associated interest group, this gives rise to a self-regulating “AAL Ecosystem,” from which various project participants can benefit: providers of applications and technologies, service providers, official agencies, politicians, sponsors, and, above all, those consumers who wish to avoid dependency on others, don’t want to move into a nursing facility, and prefer to continue living in their own home.