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The “AALIANCE“ project (2008 to 2010) focused on ambient assisted living (AAL) solutions that are based on advanced information and communication technology and are applied in the areas “AAL for Persons“, “AAL in the Community“, and “AAL at Work“ –  the latter being one of the most promising markets in industrialized countries. "AALIANCE" contributes to improving cooperation within the AAL supply chain in Europe, and to strengthening the position of European manufacturers and service providers of AAL solutions globally.

The Project Achieved the Following Goals

  • Established a company network consisting of technology providers and system integrators, service providers, research organizations, and user organizations,
  • Created and updated the “R&D Road Map for AAL” and “AAL Strategic Research Agenda”, which point out medium- and long-term perspectives,
  • Defined standardization requirements,
  • Formulated recommendations for a European research and development policy for ambient assisted living,
  • Heightened awareness of new AAL technologies, systems, products, and services through a newsletter and events
  • Held the highly successful AALIANCE Conference on March 11 and 12, 2010, in Malaga (The conference program included 30 presentations and over 30 posters. All presentations, articles, and posters are available on the Internet.).