Touchless 3D Sensors for Fall Analysis

sens@home: Detection of a Standing Person
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sens@home: Detection of a Standing Person
sens@home: Detection of a Fallen Person
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sens@home: Detection of a Fallen Person

As people age, they become increasingly prone to falls and domestic accidents.

Many seniors additionally live on their own, or in apartments or nursing facilities with only infrequent visits from caregivers.

In such settings, everyday accidents can have life-threatening consequences, especially when they are noticed too late for help to be delivered in time.

The goal of the “sens@home“ project was the development of a sensor system that can automatically detect emergency situations and initiate an appropriate response.

The touchless system can be inconspicuously integrated in all kinds of living environments and does not have to be actively operated by the residents.

If a hazardous situation is detected, users can communicate with the system by means of intuitive speech recognition.

This allows persons in the help network (relatives, neighbors, professional care services) to be contacted quickly and to respond appropriately.

The “sens@home“ system can thus support older persons in their independence and enable them to continue living in their accustomed surroundings.

Additionally, relatives can be relieved and nursing services supported in their work.


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“Sens@home“ was supported by funding from the program “Mikrosysteme 2004–2009” of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) from August 1, 2009, to September 30, 2012.