Active, Robot-based Communication Platform

The objective of this project was to develop a robot-based communication platform that is able to deliver fast and targeted help, especially in emergency situations such as a fall. The platform was designed to be as low-cost as possible and easily integrated into any household.

“MobiNa“ works in conjunction with an emergency detection system that is permanently installed in the home. This enables the robot to go to the fallen person autonomously in an emergency while simultaneously contacting an emergency call center. Via the screen and the robot’s integrated loudspeakers and microphones, the call center staff can then communicate with the fallen person to decide whether, and what kind of, further help may be needed.

“MobiNa“ does not only provide emergency assistance, however. Videotelephony and memory functions can be easily implemented and supported with the help of the robot, thereby facilitating the social integration of older persons who live on their own.