Fraunhofer Business Unit Assisted Healthy Living AAL

The Fraunhofer Business Unit AAL is an interdisciplinary group of 10 Fraunhofer Institutes and stands for research, development and evaluation of new technologies and services encompassing home care, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and care.

Fraunhofer Business Unit AAL


The Fraunhofer Business Unit AAL is a group of 10 Fraunhofer Institutes working together to research, develop, and evaluate sustainable technologies and new services aimed at maintaining and restoring health in the areas of

  • sport and personal wellbeing
  • smart home and home care
  • inpatient and outpatient care/treatment/rehabilitation
  • image- and device-based diagnostics

The research network takes an holistic approach that integrates various technologies, applications, and user groups, and enables modular systems to be formed using interoperable components.
Other activities include research coordination, business model development, and standardization.

COVID-19 Initiatives


Here you can find an overview of the initiatives of the AAL alliance fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences: Fraunhofer vs. Corona

Digital: Devices, Data and Diagnostics

To support the success of personalized treatment, members of the Fraunhofer Business Unit AAL develop and evaluate

  • new, intelligent devices for applications and areas within the healthcare cycle
  • AI-based procedures to search large quantities of data to identify specific patterns and anomalies relating to health conditions
  • innovative sensors to record specific conditions and support diagnosis

Goals of the Fraunhofer Business Unit AAL

The Fraunhofer Business Unit AAL aims to establish a common system concept into which various technological components and digital assistance systems are seamlessly and spontaneously integrated. We research, develop, and evaluate relevant technologies for our partners:


  • vital and environmental sensors (incl. point-of-care diagnostics)
  • infrastructures for telematics, networks, and data exchange, communication, and transfer
  • AI-based data analysis to identify conditions and events
  • user-friendly device operation and interfaces
  • actuators for robotics, mobile service platforms, and therapeutic measures

Focal Areas of the Fraunhofer Business Unit AAL



From smart home sensors to wearable fitness assistants and large medical devices, the innovations produced by the research network help to maintain, restore, and improve individual health. These devices provide essential data for computer-aided decision-making.



Large quantities of data (“Big Data”) from

  • sensors,
  • medical devices, and
  • information from clinical care treatment pathways

form the foundation of modern, AI-based procedures for early event detection and computer-aided decision-making.



Relevant data models and evaluation procedures are used for rapid and objectified diagnosis, to detect, compare, and classify medical conditions, and to derive and define appropriate personalized treatments. These approaches and systems provide physicians and clinical specialists with the best possible support throughout the treatment chain for the benefit of the patient.



The Institutes in the Fraunhofer Business Unit AAL offer components and system solutions that can be used to implement a wide variety of scenarios and projects throughout the value creation chain, from private users through to professional service providers.

The Fraunhofer Business Unit AAL provides innovative technologies and support services for the entire healthcare cycle, encompassing home care, prevention, diagnosis, intervention, rehabilitation, and care.

Technologies Services
Vital and environmental sensors
incl. point-of-care diagnostics
Hardware and software development and integration
AI-based data analysis to identify conditions and events Data processing and curation, Software as a Service (SaaS)
For telematics, networks, and data exchange, communication, and transfer
Studies on user acceptance and accessibility, usability, user experience
User-friendly device operation and interfaces
Empirical and systematic evaluation of infrastructures and technologies
Mechatronic systems
Actuators, robotics, and mobile service platforms
Development of business models, processes, and concepts


Florian Kirchbuchner

Contact Press / Media

Florian Kirchbuchner

Spokesman Fraunhofer AAL Alliance

Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD
Fraunhoferstr. 5
64283 Darmstadt, Germany

Phone +49 6151 155-425

Thomas Wittenberg

Contact Press / Media

PD Dr. Thomas Wittenberg

Deputy spokesman of the business unit

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS
Am Wolfsmantel 33
91058 Erlangen, Germany

Phone +49 9131 776-7330