Fraunhofer Ambient Assisted Living Alliance AAL

Ambient Assisted Living and Personal Health

Alliance AAL

The AAL Alliance is a group of eleven Fraunhofer Institutes that work jointly on system solutions for ambient assisted living and personal health. The Alliance takes a holistic approach that integrates various technologies, applications, and user groups, incorporates accompanying activities in the area of research coordination, business-model development, and standardization, and enables the creation of modular systems from interoperable components.

AAL stands for intelligent environments which adapt autonomously, proactively, and context sensitively to the needs and aims of users in order to support them in their daily lives. Intelligent environments are designed to allow especially older, disabled, and care-dependent persons to live self-determined lives in a private setting.

Personal Health

Personal health systems comprise, in particular, portable and miniaturized medical devices specially conceived for diagnostic use and to accompany therapy use in the domestic or mobile context (telemonitoring). However, personal health also denotes the transition to person-centered, individualized forms of medical prevention, diagnostics, therapy, and care.

Goals of the AAL Alliance

The Alliance pursues the goal of a common system concept in which various components and (partial) solutions are seamlessly and spontaneously integrated. It works to further develop relevant technologies in areas such as communication, power supply, sensors, and actuators, and to introduce innovative concepts for user-specific human-technology interaction, assistance, and healthcare. Special attention is given to ensuring user acceptance, usability, accessibility, and, where applicable, certifiability.

The Fraunhofer Institutes’ Approach to AAL

Comprehensive Solutions from a Single Source

Personal health applications share many technologies, components, and infrastructures with AAL systems for comfort, security, energy efficiency, etc..

From the Power Cord to the Application

We give equal consideration to the functionality and the costs of AAL applications, and optimize the underlying technologies and components for sensors, communication, and data processing.

From the Sensor to the Assistive System

In order to realize viable solutions for the support of older, disabled, sick, or care-dependent persons, we integrate components for gathering and evaluating vital and environmental parameters, user-friendly interfaces, and expert systems.

From the Apartment to the Service Provider

For the entire supply chain, from private user to professional contractor, the institutes in the Alliance offer complete system solutions for the realization of a multitude of scenarios and projects.

The AAL Alliance Competencies

  • User-specific, multimodal human-technology interfaces and assistive functions
  • Acoustic and speech-based user interfaces
  • Testing and ensuring user acceptance, usability, accessibility, and certifiability
  • Integration of technology use, services, and business models
  • Development of scalable, interoperable, self-organizing system structures
  • Model-based detection of health-related events and conditions
  • Empirical and analytical system evaluation
  • Infrastructure-reduced localization/navigation
  • Optimization of wireless communication technologies
  • Robotics for service and assistive applications
  • Development of miniaturized, energy-optimized system components
  • Information logistics and process design for health IT/telemonitoring

The Joint Alliance Fraunhofer Institutes


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